Thursday, February 23, 2017

Women's Rights

In Social Studies, we've learned about many different religions. In a lot of these religions, women have different rights than men, and are often placed below them. For example, in Islam, women have to cover up their hair and bodies as a sign of submission. Why don't men have to do this? Is it because they are stronger, and work more, and are capable of doing more than women?

I think that this is unfair.

Women in the United States now have the same rights as men, but they're still treated unequally. Is this because of prejudice, from a long way back?

Mr. Ferriter also talked about this today in the media center. He said that he read a book called Almost Astronauts. It was about the tests being taken to determine who would be sent to the moon for the first time. Women asked if they could be tested and sent to the moon too, and NASA allowed them to take the tests. The women performed significantly better than all the men, but were not allowed to be part of the crew going to the moon. When they asked why, they were told that it was because of racism and sexism.

Women are just as equal as men, and we deserve not only the same rights but also the same respect.

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  1. Such a cool post, Kid.

    I'm always amazed by the way that we treat one another in the world. Oftentimes, people with power want to do everything they can to push their ideas onto other people.

    What I'm even more amazed by, however, is the people who are courageous enough to stand up to injustice. Women like Susan B. Anthony and African Americans like Martin Luther King saw injustice and said, "We won't tolerate a world like this."

    Now the question becomes, "Who will be the next group discriminated against and who will be willing to stand up for them?"

    Want a challenge? Go figure out how the Liberty Bell got its name. And then figure out what the Justice Bell was. Hint: Women were involved times about ten!