Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Berlin Wall

We are currently working on a project in Language Arts in which we read a historical fiction book and try to persuade others that our book should be awarded the Salem Middle School Award for Historical Fiction. The book that I am reading is A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen.

This book takes place in Germany. Specifically, the day is Sunday, August 13, 1961, and we are located in East Berlin. The Berlin Wall has just gone up.

The Berlin Wall divided Berlin into the East and West. People lost their jobs. Easterners could not cross into the west. People were so desperate to go into the west for freedom that they crashed their cars through the Death Strip, which was part of the wall. Other ways people escaped were swimming through canals and digging tunnels under the bridge.

These ways of escaping were life-threatening. So if they chose to escape this way, they'd live free or die. This means that freedom and rights must mean a lot to people.

Would you rather live a life that you don't like, or die?

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  1. Oh Abby...

    This is SUCH a cool post. I love the question that you've ended your post with. I sometimes wonder if that's the reason that so many people take risks to flee their countries today. And I wonder if people will take the same risks if Donald Trump follows through on his promise to build a wall across our border with Mexico.

    Those might make for good reflections for a follow up post.

    Hey -- and a blogging nudge: Always finish your posts with a statement of what you are going to do next. For example, this post could have ended with, "What I want to do next is see if I can find any interviews with people who lived in East Germany so I can see what they felt like when they were blocked in. That would be super interesting to me."

    By finishing with a "doing task," you give yourself something else that you can write about!

    Hope that makes sense,
    Mr. F