Monday, March 13, 2017

What's the Matter?

The other day, we took our Matter unit pretest in Science class! I got an 80 on the test.

I know that 80s don't seem like a very high grade, but if you got an 80 on a pretest, that's actually super good. Getting an 80 on a pretest means that you already know 80% of what you're going to learn in the unit. That's really cool! It means that you already have a lot of prior knowledge!

We started exploring atoms, elements and compounds as well - we began to talk about how they're related and how they're different. I learned that atoms make up all matter. They're classified into elements, and they're counted as similar when they have the same atomic number. Compounds are substances made of two or more elements.

^The makeup of a glucose molecule^

^ The diagram of an oxygen atom^

Mr. Ferriter also taught us that the atoms in solids are packed tightly together and vibrate. The atoms in liquids slide past each other and are less dense. Finally, the atoms in gases move unpredictably and quickly through the air.

I wonder if atoms also affect the way substances look. I know they affect the way that compounds feel because they'll be either solids, liquids or gases. But do the atoms affect their color or texture as well?

To answer my question, I'm going to pay special attention to these properties during this unit.

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  1. Abby -- I LOVE this post!

    First, the pictures that you have included make this post look terrific! I loved looking at this because of your pictures.

    I ALSO love the wonder question that you ask: Do atoms affect how something looks? And if not, what DOES affect how something looks? I'm super curious about that. I'm also curious about what's different between the atoms in something that is "rough" versus something that is "smooth." Are the atoms arranged in a different way, making them feel rough? Do rough things have different numbers of atoms (or protons) than smooth things?

    Thanks for challenging my thinking!

    Mr. F