Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Poems Create Magic

Earlier this year, we studied poetry in Language Arts. Poetry is writing that conveys feelings, thoughts, and words both directly and indirectly, metaphorically and rhythmically. I love poetry because not only does it seem like a song, it also comes with a lesson. Most poems have themes, or morals. These morals apply to our everyday lives.

To finish out our poetry unit, Mrs. Barrow, our Language Arts teacher, had us each write an unexpected perspective poem. These poems are really interesting because the reader doesn't know who the speaker is. It could be anything from a mailbox to an elephant. The speaker describes its surroundings and its thoughts, and how it sees the world around them.

Poetry involves careful use of words and rhythm. Poets can write poems in several different ways, but all poets use words to write their poems. It is for this reason that I think that words are powerful. Words express emotions by using careful word choice and rhythm. 

So, I decided to write about the power of words in my unexpected perspective poem (link). I'm really proud of this poem because it was my first poem in which I used poetic devices such as figurative language that sounded so right!

I really liked the poetry unit in school this year and I hope we have one next year  - so that I can write another poem to share with others, as well as reading my peers's poems too!


  1. Oh, Kid, I have the SUPREME #doubledogdare for you: Go to "Portfolio Tools and Resources" and find the Spreaker App. Put it on a device of yours and then record yourself reading this poem! Let other people hear your voice. It adds personality to your portfolio.

    I did that:

    Are you up for THAT challenge?
    Mr. F

  2. I agree with Mr. F that recording yourself reading the poem adds personality to the poem. That is why authors usually do a read-aloud when they publish new books. People love to listen to how the authors interpret their work. Remember you once helped with my MHC poem using VoiceThread when you were little? We didn't just read the poem but also added music to it. My classmates were so impressed by the result that they all wanted to know you. ^_^