Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Swimming Technique

I recently watched a YouTube video replay of Michael Phelps's 200m IM in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, because I am a swimmer who is specialized in swimming the Individual Medley event. The first thing I noticed about this video is how all the swimmers do underwater dolphin kicks. Their kicks are so powerful that they've gone a third of the way across the pool before they even start swimming the stroke. This tells me that underwaters are incredibly important to swimming.

The second part of the IM that I focused on in the video was the breaststroke part, which is my worst stroke. I noticed how fast his arms shoot out to start his next stroke, and how he dives under the water just a bit to glide further. From this part of the video, I learned that breaststroke has fast parts and slow parts, and you need to perfect your stroke before you start sprinting.

I learned that you can learn a lot from people who enjoy the same things as you and are older, with more experience. And these tips may even let me do better at the one sport I love to do! In the future, I will both try out Michael Phelps's skills and also keep an eye out for more videos or articles that might help me with my swimming.

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  1. Hey Kid,

    First, I knew you were a swimmer, but I didn't know that you were a competitive swimmer with a specialty! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though -- you are a talented kid all the way around. I'm proud of you in a thousand ways.

    Second, go check out Casey H's blog. He's a swimmer too and he analyzed a video of a breast stroke. You guys have a lot in common and can learn from each other.

    Finally, this is a darn close to PERFECT example of a digital portfolio entry! I love that you discovered tips that you can learn from in the video and applied them to your own learning. That is EXACTLY the kind of thing that the best learners think and write about.

    Keep writing posts like these, OK? They are GREAT examples of the kind of work that I want people to do in their portfolios.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Mr. F