Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Create an Experiment

For our first science project in 7th grade, we had to create a group experiment -  meaning that we created what we wanted to test, a hypothesis, and tested it. My group consisted of Ben, Nate and me, and our experiment was to find out how many water drops would fit in different sized bottle caps - the ones we used were Gatorade, Dasani and soda caps.

Here is our document with our experiment details (i.e. independent/dependent variables, constants, etc.):

Our hypothesis for our test: If we put water drops into a bigger cap, then the bigger cap should hold more drops of water because it has a greater volume.

Here is a graph showing the results from our test.

After experimenting, we filmed another Flipgrid of our conclusion, explaining how our hypothesis was correct, some trends we noticed in our experiment's data, the inferences we could make from our data, and changes we would make to the experiment if we had the chance to do it again.

I really loved the project! It gave me a chance to work with kids that I don't normally work with and learn about different learning styles and teamwork, as well as practice the procedures for an experiment. This gets science off to a great start this year!

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