Saturday, September 2, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse - and Total Amazement!

This past August 21st, there was a total solar eclipse across the Path of Totality in the United States. Unfortunately, Apex was not in the Path of Totality so we did not get to see the eclipse at 100%. It was still an unforgettable experience that I am glad I got to witness.

There was a big mix-up with the eclipse glasses the week before the eclipse was going to occur. Some scammers on Amazon sold us glasses that were not certified by NASA. These glasses were not safe to watch the eclipse with at all. 

I was really anxious about this - I wanted to watch the solar eclipse but we couldn't watch it if we didn't have safe glasses to use. Thanks to my science teacher, Mrs. George, and her connections, we managed to get not just enough glasses for our whole team, but also these super cool packets from NASA that gave us more information about eclipses.

The day of the eclipse was amazing. All classes were shortened, and an entire two hours of viewing was dedicated to the eclipse. Though the only signs you could see with your naked eyes was that the sky was dimming, you could see the moon crossing the sun with the glasses on. It was so cool to see!

Even though we only got to see this eclipse at 90%, it was still such a memorable event that we were glad to be able to see. We are extremely thankful to all the people who helped us get glasses.

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