Thursday, December 7, 2017

Journey to the Center of the Cell

Imagine being a molecule.
Not just any molecule. A nonpolar molecule. Meaning, you’re made up of two atoms, and the electrons are equally shared between the two.
Funnily enough, I am one. And we are one of the only materials that can pass through a cell’s membrane.
One day, I decided to travel through a cell, the building block of life. After all, it’s one of the things I can do that is unique to me. I thought, why not get to know the cell? So that’s what I did.

This quarter in science, we've been learning about cells. We've learned about the cell theory, organelles and their functions, the characteristics of life, and fancy terms like "homeostasis". It's been a fun unit and we wrapped it up with a layered curriculum project and a quiz.

For my layered curriculum, I flew through the Layer C pretty fast. I had fun with the ABC's of Life lab where we looked at samples of onion, cork and human cheek cells under the microscope. In this layer, we also learned about the characteristics of life. All living things will contain cells, grow and develop, reproduce, obtain and use energy, and respond to environment.

I really liked doing the layered curriculum project for cells, and I think that it really helped me understand the concepts.

[Read the rest of Journey to the Center of the Cell here.]

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