Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Terrible War of Bloodshed, Bias and Bravery

18 million lives lost; 23 million more wounded. All in all, that's over 40 million casualties. Propaganda played a key role in encouraging citizens to support either the Allied Powers or the Central Powers. Courageous soldiers fighting through horrible conditions in trenches or in the wintry weather in the mountains. World War 1 was a terrible war of bloodshed, bias and bravery.

We have just concluded our World War 1 and Russian Revolution unit. This was a big and serious unit. I learned a lot and truly respect all that went to fight in it.

At the beginning of this unit, we were asked to film ourselves talking about what we already knew and what we'd like to learn about World War 1. We later revisited these videos and responded to them with what we learned. Here is my video.

A minor project that I completed was the WW1 propaganda poster. The goal of this project was to increase our understanding of the effect of propaganda in WW1. It was one of the most important tools in supporting the war effort in both WW1 and WW2. My poster is pictured below.

My poster is encouraging citizens to join the army to avenge loved ones who have passed. The colors on my poster are bold, to attract attention, but also convey remorse for the dead. Using the propaganda strategy of fear by reminding people of passed loved ones, I hope my poster will encourage people to "Enlist to Resist". (Summary of poster, propaganda strategy, purpose, and target audience)

I know that I could have done a lot better on this poster. If I had more time and a second chance to do this project, I would make the poster better quality, more artistic and more sensible. I am still happy with my performance on this project with the time that I was given to finish it.

I learned a lot from the World War 1 and Russian Revolution unit, and I'm excited to learn about World War 2, our next unit! I know that a lot of my peers know more about WW2 than WW1, so I am excited to hear their knowledge of this topic. I would like to know the number of casualties in WW2, so I can acknowledge those soldiers' bravery too. To learn more about WW2, I will pay attention to this coming unit and talk with my peers. I will also do extra research if necessary. 

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