Big Ideas I'm Working to Learn in Math:

I will use this page to reflect on all that I am learning about the mathematical world around me. Math is involved in our world so much, in nature and in people!

Sixth Grade:

Surface area and volume are some of the topics that I was having trouble with. I then found that when I memorized all the formulas, it was a lot easier to find surface area and volume of 3D objects such as spheres, cones, cylinders, and prisms. All you have to do is put the numbers into the equation where the variables were located, and there you are! Your answer is clear.

I am wondering how knowing how to find the surface area or volume of these 3D objects is going to help me later on in life. Will I really need to find the area of a sphere everyday, and use the formula 4/3πr^3 to find it? I don't think so!


Seventh Grade:

In CCM1 this year we have done lots of cool interactive projects which I like a lot better than our watch-videos-take-notes-and-get-tested course last year (Compacted 6+/7+). My teacher, Mrs. Haight, incorporates collaborative work, mini projects, filming, and competitive classwork to make this year's class fun.

A mini project that we did to review the four forms used to represent linear and exponential functions is pictured below.

      Linear: Lemonade Stand

Exponential: Vintage Wine

Another project that we did in small groups asked us to film a function in the real world and represent it in a graph. This video is linked here:

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