My Interests

I'm going to use this page to reflect on the ideas and things that I'd really like to learn more about, even if we're not learning them in school! I'll be writing about things from art and science to current events and world affairs. I'm interested in lots of things that I want to write about that isn't covered in class or on tests!


Sixth Grade:

One of the things that I'm interested in is swimming. I year round swim firstly because it's fun, and secondly because I enjoy learning about technique, speed and teamwork. I love to find things such as videos that help me learn more about swimming. It's always cool to learn more about something that you love. Wondering about how swimming works is really interesting!

My wonderings about this idea:

Swimming Technique


Seventh Grade: 

Something else that I'm interested in band. One of the reasons why I joined band this year was because I love music. And guess what - like swimming, band also involves teamwork. You work together to create something that both you and others can enjoy - music. And that's why I like band.

My wonderings about this idea:

The Power Behind Music

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