Sixth Grade


One of the ideas we've been studying is how flowering plants survive, reproduce, and defend themselves. I learned that all plants have specific parts designed for a certain purpose. For example, the stem's job is to hold up the plant and flower, while the petals are made to attract pollinators that they need to help them pollinate. Obviously, all flowering plants that exist have succeeded in surviving, because they exist.

If they still survive, it shows that they have succeeded in surviving, thriving and reproducing. This is also called natural selection.

My wonderings about this idea:

Nature's Miracles


Before I started 6th grade, I already had some prior knowledge about the periodic table of elements. For example, I understood that water molecules were made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. But, I never made the connection between atoms and elements. In this unit, I learned that atoms are actually classified into elements based on their atomic number. The atomic number is the number of protons that are in each atom. This number can change the element and it's properties by a lot. For instance, gold's atomic number is 79. If it had just one more proton, it would be mercury, which is a poisonous liquid.

I think that that is super cool! I like wondering about how such a tiny change in the numbers of protons can affect the properties of the substance.

My wonderings about this idea:

What's the Matter?


Seventh Grade

Science Skills:

In this post, I wrote about our first science project in 7th grade. The assignment was to create an experiment to hypothesize and test about with your group. It was really cool that we got to create what we tested about, and create everything on our own - hypothesis, procedures, testing, and then to get to conclude and draw results from an experiment that we created personally.

Not only did we get to create our own experiment, we also got to practice teamwork and cooperation with our group, and I think that that is great!

My reflection about this idea:

Create an Experiment

To see test and quiz scores for Science, see this document.

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