Big Ideas I'm Working to Learn in Science:

Science is one of my favorite subjects, and I want to reflect on what I'm learning about the world around me. I'm going to work to answer essential questions that we're looking at in science class over the next few years. These are the questions:

Sixth Grade Science Essential Questions

Sixth Grade


One of the questions I want to tackle is "How do flowering plants survive, reproduce, and defend themselves?" My answer to this question is that all plants have specific parts designed for a certain purpose. For example, the stem's job is to hold up the plant and flower, while the petals are made to attract pollinators that they need to help them pollinate. Obviously, all flowering plants that exist have succeeded, because, well, they exist. If they still survive, it shows that they have succeeded in surviving, thriving and reproducing.

My wonderings about this idea:

Nature's Miracles

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